Value of Membership

Why should I join RHC?  What's in it for me? What does membership offer?  These are a few of the questions prospective members ask. Read on for more information on the value of membership.

Membership Value 101:

  • Keep up to date with the ever changing local, state, and federal rental housing laws
  • Protect and preserve your property rights
  • Avoid costly lawsuits, penalties and fines
  • Attract and retain the best tenants possible

RHC Membership Benefits Include:

  • Rental Forms - California compliant forms available in several formats:
    • InfoLink Rental Forms: Free, Fill-in ready, downloadable forms
    • National Click and Lease:  Fill-in ready self-populating forms.  Available through the National Apartment Association (NAA)
  • InfoLink Resident Screening Services - Access to high-quality credit reports, eviction records, criminal background checks, and more
  • Operational Advice - Unlimited consultations with experts when you have questions relating to tenancy and policy
  • RHC is the watchdog of the industry. We are your first line of defense through our legislative advocacy program at the state, and national levels of government
  • Access to multiple in-person and online educational opportunities for property owners, managers and industry suppliers
  • Obtain exclusive communications on current industry news, laws, and trends that affect the way you manage your rentals
  • Enjoy member-only discounts
    • Offered through our Partnership Discount Program
    • Peer-to-peer discounts offered by RHC members
    • Enjoy significant discounts on all lines of insurance!
  • Engagement activities—Members enjoy networking opportunities at local, regional and national events.
  • Professional Recognition—The RHC takes pride in recognizing outstanding members who contribute to the industry each year at the Mark of Excellence Awards
  • Shape the Future—The RHC, with the help of its membership, will shape the future of the rental housing industry

What area does South Riverside Serve?

South Riverside serves the southern part of the county including the Desert Cities area.   

RHC-South Riverside County is an affiliate of the San Diego County Apartment Association.  



Your membership dues are 78% tax deductible.  Consult your accountant for more information. 

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