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Riverside County Supervisors Explore Ordinance to Regulate Vacation Rentals

Riverside County Supervisors Explore Ordinance to Regulate Vacation Rentals
Yesterday the County of Riverside Board of Supervisors considered a report on the problems associated with Vacation Rentals in certain communities. According to the study, Riverside County has virtually nothing on its books specifically targeting vacation homes. The study noted a growing use of short-term rentals in the areas of De Luz and La Cresta, both just outside of Temecula, as well as in the desert. At a May 8 board meeting, proponents of a vacation home ordinance said their quality of life had been impacted by large-scale parties in nearby houses leased out for raves or similar events. At yesterday’s hearing, several property owners shared their concerns about being regulated when they already have their own rules in place and when their properties are isolated away from neighbors who might be disturbed by noise.

Drawing on ordinances in Palm Springs, Laguna Beach and San Bernardino and Sonoma counties, the county study suggested the following provisions for a future county ordinance targeting vacation rentals:
•    Require a property owner leasing a home for vacation or short-term uses to provide neighbors with contact information so that the owner can be immediately reached if a problem arises
•    Define what constitutes a vacation home rental and mandate that any property occupied for 30 days or less be subject to a transient occupancy tax
•    Designate where vacation rentals will be allowed
•    Like Palm Springs, consider a two-person-per-bedroom cap per property, exempting children under 3 years old
•    Require a “minor event permit” when properties will be temporarily occupied by a large number of people.

Initiating an ordinance will require the assistance of a number of county agencies, including the Fire Department and Department of Code Enforcement, with labor and other costs totaling around $65,000, according to the study. A progress report is expected in 60 days. Click here to read the report.

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